Cyphernaut - Common Phrases Match Game

The rules for this game are pretty simple. Just drag the English phrase box on the left hand side to the correct chosen language phrase box on the right hand side. If the choice is correct, the English phrase stays put in the chosen word box and the player will be unable to move the phrase box anymore. If the choice is wrong, the English phrase box will return to its starting position on the left hand side. Use the combo box to select another language and the English phrase boxes will reset to the left hand side. The player must then again match the phrase box to the correct chosen language word representation on the right hand side. Please note that the order of the phrase boxes on the right hand side is shuffled with every new language selection. Languages covered in this game include English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese(Simplified), Japanese and Korean.

Pronunciation guides for each word are also provided for Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. If the language is Russian, the stressed syllable appears in uppercase letters.
Example: cloud -> облако (OB-la-ka). The ob is stressed.

*Important Note : It may be necessary to install support for East Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The following links provide instructions for installing East Asian languages on a computer running Windows so that the games will properly display Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

It should be noted that there really isn't a word for "Please" in Korean. The Korean phrase used for "Please" in this game translates to "Please do this." Also, there are two ways of saying goodbye in Korean: saying goodbye as you're leaving and saying goodbye to someone else who is leaving. The Korean phrase used for "Goodbye" in this game is the former.

Helpful Hint : It should be noted that in German and Russian, the word for "Please" can also be used for "You're Welcome".


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