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Cyphernaut - Partitive Articles (French-Français)

In French, Partitive articles indicate an unspecified quantity of a noun have no real equivalent in English, although some and any are used in a similar manner. It usually is used to for food and drink.

Abbreviations used in the table are:

  • M for masculine
  • F for feminine
  • SG for singular
  • PL for plural

Partitive Articles (Français)
SG M - du du jambon (some ham)
SG F - de la de la glace (some ice cream)
* - de la becomes de l' when the noun begins with an h or a vowel - de l'eau (some water)
PL M F - des (day) des pois (some peas)
* - de is used instead in negative sentences thus meaning not any - Je n'ai pas de soupe. (I don't have any soup.)

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