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Cyphernaut - Numbers 11-20, 100, 1000 Flashcards Game

This is a simple flashcard game. Choose the language in the combo box. Languages covered in this game include English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese(Simplified), Japanese and Korean. Press the blue button to reveal/toggle the word representation for the number. Press either green arrow button to advance to either the previous number or the next number. The numbers are presented in sequential order from 11 to 20 then 100 and finally 1000.

In the word rectangle, the word appears on top and the pronunciation appears at the bottom. Only the word appears for English. Syllables that are stressed will appear in uppercase letters.
Example: cloud -> облако (OB-la-ka). The ob is stressed.

*Important Note : It may be necessary to install support for East Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The following links provide instructions for installing East Asian languages on a computer running Windows so that the games will properly display Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

There are a few special notes to consider for numbers in Japanese, Chinese and Korean. They are listed below. Please read them before switching to that language.

Japanese:The numbers 4,7 and 9 and higher numbers which contain these numbers have two pronunciations. Each one is used in certain situations, however sometimes they are interchangeable. The different cases will not be covered here.

Chinese:When counting objects in Chinese (and Japanese), you use classifiers or counters. Depending on the object you are counting, you use a different counter. Counters will not be covered here.

Korean:There are two number systems in Korea: the first being Native Korean and the second being Sino-Korean or numbers which have Chinese origin. Native Korean numbers are used when expressing hours telling time, counting objects and expressing one's age. Native Korean numbers only go from 1-100. Sino-Korean numbers are used to express numbers larger than 100, but also numbers from 0-100. Sino-Korean numbers are used to express minutes when telling time, dates and months, money amounts and floors of buildings. In the flashcards in this game, the Native Korean numbers are presented on top and the Sino-Korean numbers are presented on the bottom. Only the Sino-Korean is presented for the numbers 100 and 1000.


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