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Cyphernaut - Seasons Flashcards Game

This is a simple flashcard game. Choose the language in the combo box. Languages covered in this game include English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese(Simplified), Japanese and Korean. Press the blue button to reveal/toggle the word representation for the season depicted in the picture. Press either green arrow button to advance to either the previous season or the next season. The seasons are presented in sequential order from spring to winter.

In the word rectangle, the word appears on top and the pronunciation appears at the bottom. Only the word appears for English. Syllables that are stressed will appear in uppercase letters.
Example: cloud -> облако (OB-la-ka). The ob is stressed.

*Important Note : It may be necessary to install support for East Asian languages like Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The following links provide instructions for installing East Asian languages on a computer running Windows so that the games will properly display Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


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